lørdag 11. mai 2013

~A new start~

To start fresh and make som changes....Thats what my life is all about theese days:) I made this for The color room a few weeks ago. Come join us in this weeks georgous pallette!

5 kommentarer:

Beatemor sa...

Denne var flott! Fresh farge og herlig dilldall du har brukt. Digger badgesene :-)

Unknown sa...

Fabulous and bold..I just love this page!

Luce sa...

Kjempeflott side! Herlig med lagene, splattene og småstæsjet som er "strødd" utover!
Flott budskap - traff meg rett i hjertet :o)
Ha en fin dag :o)

Anonym sa...

I love what you did with the page! It looks so fresh and sunny. A fresh start is always something really good. Changes are also a big part of the fresh start process. Thank you for the inspiration.

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bonenb sa...

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